Looking for presents for the “health nutters”?

These days everyone knows at least one vegan, gluten free, paleo or any other health/eco “nutter” (aka a person into healthy lifestyle). They can be a real pain at the dinner table or when thinking of presents… In case you needed some last minute Christmas gift ideas, you’re in luck! The limit is only the depth of your wallet.


  • Obviously – some health foods! You could make up a whole hamper with chia seeds, coconut oil, spirulina, acerola powder, coconut jerky, lucuma powder, kale crisps, goji berries, herbal teas, freeze dried fruit, yacon syrup, coconut sugar – or just pick one for a healthy stocking filler! Look for some dairy free or raw chocolates while you’re at it.

  • Exotic fruit basket – make one yourself or order online, and include weird fruits like starfruit, guava, tamarind, jackfruit, mangosteen, durian, cherimoya, lychee, rambutan, longan, prickly pear, papaya, kumquat, dragon fruit and all sorts! Fun, tasty and educational.

  • A piece of natural skincare – be it hand cream, body lotion, hand wash, lip balm, bath soak, beard oil or after shave – if they are into healthy stuff (and appropriate needs), they’ll be very pleased.

  • Health-oriented book is a great idea – look for healthy recipe books such as Deliciously Ella, Oh She Glows, The World of the Happy Pear, Thug Kitchen etc. It helps if you are familiar with the person’s specific interests – a vegan might not be very happy with a paleo cookbook and vice versa.

  • A steel or glass water bottle or a lunch box – to help reduce plastic and its contact with food and water. It does matter, especially in hormonal issues!

  • A water filter – either integrated with the bottle, the one for the kitchen or for the shower (especially if they are suffering from skin problems).

  • A bottle of essential oil – for instance, lavender if they need relaxation and sleep, peppermint if they need a bit of stimulation, eucalyptus if having stuffy nose at this time of the year… A diffuser or an oil burner might go well with that.

  • Bamboo, organic cotton, hemp or linen socks or a hand towel! Natural, eco-friendly fabrics are great for sensitive skin.

  • A spiralizer – to cut those veggies into different shapes and sizes and make them look tastier! You could even pair it with a spiralizing book.

  • A nut milk (or mylk) bag – for them to make tasty almond, cashew or tiger nut (it’s a little nutty tuber, not a part of a real tiger!) milk. And of course, feel free to get them some of the nuts too.

  • A ceramic knife – a little “friendlier” piece of kit for fruits and veg. In some cultures it’s seen as bad luck to give sharp objects as presents, so make sure your healthy friend is not superstitious!

  • Sports gear – depending on the person, it could be a yoga/pilates mat, various weights such as kettlebells, a ball, a racket, pull up bar, suspension trainer etc. If they are not very sporty yeat – a gym membership or a personal trainer session might inspire and broaden their mind.
  • Squatty potty. (Just google it).

  • If you’re feeling a bit more generous – there are slow juicers, blenders, food processors, dehydrators, slow cookers, pressure cookers and gadgets like Thermomix!

  • If you’re still unsure, just get them a health food shop voucher – they’ll choose for themselves. A nutritional therapy consultation might be very well received too!

I hope you’ve found something suitable from the list (maybe even for yourself?). I know I would be happy with any of those (probably with the exception of the beard oil), just in case anyone was wondering 😉


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